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About Us 子午社简介

Founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, The Meridian Society was granted charitable status in 2006. We have a board of trustees responsible for the day-to-day running of our organisation, but we depend largely on the voluntary work of students, professionals, friends and community centres. In order to develop and sustain our programme of activities, we hope you will support us through membership subscription, donations and/or sponsorship.


Our Aims 子午社的宗旨

  • To promote knowledge and appreciation of the best of Chinese culture, art, philosophy and history, so as to help the general public better understand the social, economic and political development of Chinese-speaking regions worldwide and thereby to foster closer and more meaningful communication between East and West;
  • To establish strong links with the resident Chinese community and encourage members of the younger generation in particular to discover, respect and preserve their cultural heritage so that they may render a positive contribution to the ethnic integrity of their own community as well as the cultural diversity of the wider community;
  • To create and sustain at regional, national and international levels, a creative and diverse programme of cultural, artistic and scholarly activities, links and exchanges to the above ends.
  • 致力于传播中国经典文化、艺术、哲学和历史,以帮助世界大众更好地理解全球华人社区的社会,经济和政治发展; 增进中西方相互理解和沟通;
  • 加强与英国当地华人社团的紧密联系,鼓励年轻一代华人探索并发扬光大中华遗产,帮助他们为所在社区的文化多样性做出积极贡献;
  • 在英国地区,国家和国际范围不断推出具有创造性,多样性的文化艺术和学术活动,并促进这三者之间的沟通和交流。