Dinner Debates

Speaker for the motion: Lord Donald Hankey
Lord Donald Hankey is founder of GHK, a consultancy of architects, planners, engineers, economists and sociologists, specialising in public policy, international development, institutional strengthening and project management. A specialist in cultural heritage and its significance, Lord Hankey works in many continents and frequently in China, where he is currently advising for the World Bank on the restoration of Confucius’ and Mencius’ hometowns of Qufu and Zoucheng and their national and World Heritage Sites. He is also President of the International Council on Monuments & Sites UK.

Speaker against the motion: Chung-Min Pang
Chung-Min Pang originally trained as a civil engineer and worked on buildings and ports before moving onto economics and international development. He has extensive experience of developing countries, especially China, where he was involved in rural development and economic reform at the Ministry of Agriculture. He subsequently joined the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank, where he undertook projects in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Central Europe, including the financing of large infrastructure projects. He served as a member of the UNIDO Task Force on BOT Projects and was co-author of UNIDO BOT Guidelines.